Blanch Hylton

My experience as a connected learner

Connected Learning is an educational approach designed for our ever-changing world. It makes learning relevant to all populations, to real life and real work, and to the realities of the digital age, where the demand for learning never stops. through out this class i started off knowing nothing about being a connected learner, well i unknowling was a connected learner and through this course i have discovered new ways to express myself online, evolved as a writer and actively enaged in online group discussions.I became more apart of the internet world when i started to write my blogs . Even though not many people would read them now . I felt more connected because i knew someone would read it eventually.

Make 1

I reallly enjoyed doing the zombie make. It was fun to pretend to be in a drastic situation such as the zombie apocalypse. The most difficult part of the make was thinking of a dramactic but funny story talking about my life before and after the zombie apocalypse .This make was not epic fail this is my favorite make i would just edit it a little more and a little more detail

Make 2

The twitter chat was also very enjoyable i really felt connected with social media . I clearly stated how i felt about the recent police brutality. it showed that social media is a great way to express your views on the what you feel is unjustice . i like that my voiced was being heard along wih many other people without being judge. I would not change anything about this makes


Make 3

Creating a 6 word memoir about myself was fun and diffcult at the same time . It was hard for me to express myself through 6 words. I could barely think of two words to describe myself. I had to really sit and think of how other people such as my family and friends would perceived me to be. The only fail about this make would be getting my zeega to move and play the music